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You may remember from my earlier posts that part of the subconscious mind mission statement is to preserve and protect. The subconscious mind does not give up this mission just because we are in self-hypnosis or using ideomotor response techniques for self-discovery. It can take some real work and persistence to get to the answers that you are seeking. The same holds true when searching for misplaced objects. The subconscious mind knows where the object of interest is, but it may be resistant or perhaps reluctant to reveal the location. It may be that one of your subconscious parts doesn’t want you to know. In the case of car keys, for example, a part of your subconscious may be purposefully hiding the keys so that you can’t drive somewhere.

Real life search story

This is my experience of finding a misplaced thing, and is presented as a starting point for your personal explorations. I started out using a pendulum (the topic of a future post about this non-hypnotic technique) to question my subconscious mind about the location of the missing item. My pendulum response is colored red.

“I have to find the paint rollers. They are in a plastic shopping bag.” Providing information that the rollers were in a shopping bag may actually be misleading to the subconscious as my recollection could have been wrong. That only occurred to me afterwards upon writing this.

“Would you please help me locate the paint rollers?” Yes

“Thank you.” (TY) It’s generally a good idea to acknowledge an answer from your subconscious with a thank you, just as you would with any person in normal conversation.

“Did I misplace the paint rollers?” Yes TY

“Are the rollers lost without my knowledge?” No TY

“Do you have knowledge of where the paint rollers are?” Yes TY

“Are the paint rollers in this house?” Yes TY

“Are the paint rollers in this room?” I was in the living room at the time and knew they weren’t there. But I asked anyway as a verification that I was getting valid responses. No TY

“Are the paint rollers in my home office?” No TY I asked this question repeatedly, each time mentioning another room in the house, until all rooms were accounted for. Every response was no.

“Are the paint rollers located somewhere on my property?”  No response I asked this several times and got no response.

“Are the paint rollers in the basement?” Yes TY The last place that I asked about.

The pendulum—actually my subconscious mind—gave me conflicting or wrong answers. It indicated that the rollers are in the house and in the basement, but did not confirm that they are located on my property. Because my basement is part of my house and my house is on my property there must have been a breakdown in logic. Although it is possible that my subconscious may not have understood what I meant by ‘on my property’. The conflicting answers caused me to stop the inquiry, but I went to basement and searched anyways. I didn’t find them.

Next I tried a self-hypnosis session which was conducted in a manner very similar to that described in my previous post . My higher self was instructed to give me a visual clue, or to write the location on an imaginary mental chalkboard or whiteboard, or to give me a verbal answer. Two words were offered up on the mental whiteboard almost immediately—washing machine. This answer was encouraging as it seemed to reinforce the notion that the rollers were in the basement and that I had somehow overlooked them. Perhaps my subconscious was right after all and my efforts to locate the rollers downstairs had failed. After emerging—back down to the basement. This time to look around the washing machine and nearby area. But the paint rollers weren’t there.

One more self-hypnosis session—this time taking a different approach. I told my inner (and higher) self that I was putting it in complete and total charge of finding the paint rollers for me and that I needed them immediately. A few moments after emerging I found myself going from the living room chair to standing in front of my home office desk. My eyes were directed to the area under the desk, which was cluttered with all sorts of things that I pushed under there to clear the work area where I would be painting. Without any hesitation I moved several things out of the way and grabbed a previously hidden plastic bag. For an instant I was not consciously aware of the bag contents. This happened so quickly after emerging that hypnotic inertia was still certainly in play. It took a moment to connect with the fact that the plastic bag I held contained exactly what I was searching for—the missing paint rollers. Big grin. Yay! I thanked my subconscious for leading me to the discovery and then politely told it to be more forthcoming in revealing the location next time.

It is interesting to note in the first session that I had asked whether the rollers were in my home office and received no as the answer. Perhaps one of my parts did not want to do any painting that day. Altogether it took about 35 minutes to find the paint rollers. Would I have found them in less than 35 minutes without using self-hypnosis? Perhaps, but I had already spent that amount of time searching on my own beforehand.

Remember: Don’t be discouraged if you do not immediately locate a missing object. Change your approach or technique, and be determined. Your subconscious is meant to work for you and give you the answers you seek.

Hint: It’s always good to test your subconscious response by asking the same question two different ways. For example, ask if the item is misplaced. Then ask if it is somehow lost without your knowledge. This will help to determine if the item is lost or misplaced. If it is truly lost then self-hypnosis may not be able to help you retrieve it.

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