2015 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention Faculty Member

Maligned and misunderstood, yet irresistible and unstoppable. It drives fearless acts of courage, yet gets blamed for disappointing failures. A product of biology and neurology, it only succeeds when its parts are balanced, aligned and harmonized. Your clients want more of this than anything. Willpower--the cooperative convergence of the conscious mind's will and power of the subconscious. Discover the things you must do for your clients so they strengthen, replenish and conserve their willpower.

At the conclusion of my presentation:

  • Participants describe two ways in which hypnosis can leverage the natural biological and neurological processes to strengthen, replenish or conserve willpower.
  • Participants describe the 5 step model of the ARMOR System, which can shield their clients from everyday tests of willpower.

Make it a point to attend my seminar to gain new insights into how willpower is a worthwhile agent of change. Hope to see you there.



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