Things your subconscious wants you to know

In my course Mastering the Art of Self Hypnosis I present 25 fundamental principles or rules which help to explain the actions of the subconscious mind and its interaction with the conscious mind, and how that influences us throughout life. When drafting a plan for your self-hypnosis session you must make sure that your approach operates within these rules. Otherwise the work you do in your session may be unproductive, or worse, become counterproductive.  The subconscious mind makes a terrible leader, yet that is what will happen if you allow it. Keep these rules in mind and bring your subconscious in line.

For those who have my workbook: I have kept the line numbers used in Precepts of Subconscious Mind, which are shown in square [brackets] following the precept. Use the bracketed number as shorthand for the rule when making comments to my post.

Here are the important things that your subconscious would tell you about itself—if it could.

About subconscious logic— 

I accept everything that you tell me as being true and come to know those things even if they conflict with other things that I already know. [3] 

I interpret words in a literal way. [4] 

Anything you say can and will be used for, or against you. Your expression determines which it shall be. [5] 

I use deductive reasoning. [8] 

Imagined things are real to me. [11] 

Imagination overpowers reason and willpower every time. [12] 

About subconscious sense of time— 

I am now. All past is now. All future is now. [19] 

If you tell me how things will be in the future without specifying a timeframe, it may never happen because now is all I live. [20] 

If you want to make a future, then express it as now. I will understand what is absent from now and put all my resources toward realizing your expression. [21] 

About subconscious knowledge— 

I cannot hold two thoughts simultaneously, but rather alternate between them. [7] 

Once I know something I know it forever unless it is revised or replaced by something else. [9] 

The longer I know something, the more difficult it is to change or replace it. [10] 

I can only do what I know. [14] 

About subconscious communication style— 

Everything I know comes to me through my senses. That is how I experience life. [1] 

If I have no sensory understanding of what you are telling me, then it has no meaning to me and I can’t do anything with that information. [2] 

I do not have a sense of humor nor do I understand sarcasm. [6] 

I am your feeling and emotional center. [17] 

One of my ways of communicating is through feelings. [18] 

About subconscious goal directed activity— 

When it comes to actions all I know is “do”. [13] 

The harder you try to do something, the less I respond. [15] 

“Trying” to do something gives me permission to fail. [16] 

Whatever you expect tends to become realized. [22] 

I am your dynamo. Every thought I receive from you I make happen. [23] 

I am motivated by my primary drives to protect, preserve and procreate. [24] 

I am designed to be your servant, but if you allow me I will run things my way. [25]

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