Take a Suggestion Capsule Before Bedtime

Bedtime autosuggestions? Take a suggestion capsule before nodding off to sleep to put your subconscious to work overnight while you get a good night's sleep. Deliver the most elaborate autosuggestions with just one word or image. It's like shorthand for the mind.

We all are familiar with space capsules that carried astronauts into earth orbit and to the moon some time ago. I am going to introduce to you the Suggestion Capsule, not for putting suggestions into outer space, but rather for delivering suggestions to the inner space of your subconscious. 

Suggestions can be bundled up into a suggestion capsule and delivered to the subconscious. The capsule can be identified or referred to by words or by imagery. All of the words, all of the sentences and all of the paragraphs of your suggestion will be delivered directly to your subconscious as you focus on the capsule word description or its imagery during the self-hypnosis session. This can be accomplished with merely one word or image. Isn’t that marvelous? Shorthand for the subconscious mind! Your subconscious receives the entire suggestion because it fully understands symbols and metaphors—and so it naturally accepts this technique.

The word description or image you choose for your suggestion capsule must be personally significant, evocative and symbolic of the suggestions that it contains. There should be only positive emotions associated with the suggestions and the suggestion capsule word description or imagery.

Consider the following list of some suggestion capsule symbols. Can you come up with the self-hypnotic suggestions that may have been the inspiration for these suggestion capsule word descriptions and visualization symbols? Identify some of the emotions these symbols might evoke. 

Word Description

Visualization or Imagery


Being honored at my victory celebration


Receiving a diploma at my graduation ceremony

size nine

Effortlessly zipping up a size nine dress


Depositing numerous bonus checks into my bank account


Concluding a successful presentation

guiding light

Receiving insight, guidance from my higher self


How to use the Suggestion Capsule Technique within self-hypnosis

Writing is hypnotic. First, write down your suggestions. Then think of a word or image that personally symbolizes the suggestions. Add the following sentence to the beginning of your script, filling in the blank with your chosen word or image description: 

All of the following suggestions are a part of my _____________ suggestion capsule.

Then add the following sentences at the end of your script:

 I now bundle up all of these suggestions and put them into my ______________ suggestion capsule. During self-hypnosis when I focus on _______________ my subconscious receives and understands all of the suggestions contained in my ______________suggestion capsule.

You may find it necessary to change these sentences slightly if your descriptive words don’t fit the sentence structure perfectly. Go ahead and do that. Just keep the main ideas intact.

If your suggestion was prepared by computer, then print it to paper. Or perhaps you wrote it out longhand. In either case have the paper close by.

The more learning channels that are used to deliver suggestions, the more readily they are accepted.

We want our suggestions to seem as real to the subconscious as we can make them. That is because we know that the subconscious cannot discriminate between reality and fantasy. It experiences and learns about the world through the senses. Strong and effective suggestions utilize many learning channels. The suggestion capsule uses auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning channels.

As you read your suggestion capsule text aloud your ears will hear your voice say the suggestions. As you hold the paper in your hand you will feel the texture of the paper. Your eyes will see the text and the paper it is written on. Your body will feel your voice resonating in your mid-section.

Reading is hypnotic. Read the suggestions written on your paper out loud at least three times while holding the paper in one or both hands. If circumstances prohibit you from reading aloud, then instead read through it silently at least five times. Be aware that when reading silently there may be a tendency to skip whole words or phrases.

Go into a self-hypnotic state immediately following that. Continue holding the suggestion paper in your hand(s) during self-hypnosis to reinforce the suggestions. Once you have achieved the desired state focus only upon the chosen suggestion capsule symbol. If you have chosen a word description, then just gently repeat that word or phrase over and over to yourself with positive emotion. If you are using a visual description, then gently imagine the scene with positive emotion.

If the actual words or sentences of the suggestion come to you, as they might, while focusing on the symbol then just let them go, allow them to drift away and gently redirect your focus to your symbol. If you find yourself drifting away from your symbol, then gently redirect your focus back until the session is ended.

When performing the suggestion capsule technique keep the session short. Use the self-timed session technique to end in a timely fashion. It is only necessary to focus on the capsule symbol for a few minutes. Your subconscious will receive and unbundle the suggestions from the capsule to take action on them.

For very short suggestions, someone once recommended writing them on a sticky-note and then sticking it to the palm or back of your hand–or even to your forehead.

How to use this technique with auto-suggestion

 This technique is also well suited for use as a bedtime auto-suggestion. No self-hypnosis required. Rather, this technique takes advantage of the fact that access can be gained to the subconscious in the brief moments before sleep and after awakening.

Read aloud the suggestions as previously described just before bedtime. Once you are comfortable in bed turn your focus toward your capsule symbol. Repeat your word description or image over and over with emotion until you are lulled to sleep, or until your mind drifts away just before sleep. Do this gently because sleep is the real goal here.

When you notice your mind drifting away, let it. While you sleep your subconscious will unbundle the suggestion capsule and put the suggestions to work because that was the last thing on your mind before going into sleep.

If you are wondering where to put the paper when you are done reading—put it under your pillow and sleep on it.

If you awaken during the night, and can remember to do so, then just repeat your word description or imagery until you fall back to sleep. Likewise do the same for a couple of minutes immediately upon wakening in the morning before getting up to start your day.

"We can make, to ourselves, very much stronger suggestions than anyone else can, whoever that person may be."

–Emile Coué


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