Safe and Secret Place

All internal work that a self-hypnotist embarks upon should be done from his or her safe and secret place. I am not talking about some secluded hideaway far from the prying eyes and straining ears of friends, family and neighbors. Rather I am talking about a hypnotic mental device for associating positive feelings and emotions with an envisioned real or imaginary place. 

When there is an association of emotions to a person, place or thing, then one has only to think about that person, place or thing and those feelings will emerge in response. You can experience this effect right now, without being in hypnosis, by simply recalling a person, place or thing for which you have warm, tranquil and pleasant feelings. Take a moment right now to do that. 

Sweet, right? 

The safe and secret place which you envision in your mind can be a real place, or an imaginary place. It can be anywhere in this world, or on another world. It can be in this galaxy, or in another galaxy. It can be in this universe or in another universe. There is no limit to the envisioned location of your safe and secret place. 

You will travel to that envisioned place during self hypnosis. Only you know its location. It can be so secret that you never reveal any of its details to anyone, or secret in the sense that even if you told someone about it, they would never be able to locate your safe and secret place. 

The safe and secret place can be filled with all sorts of real or imaginary things, arranged as you like. You can even change those things at any time that you wish. It is your safe and secret place and you can personalize in many ways. Some may prefer creating a safe and sacred place, or a safe, secret and sacred place. The choice is yours. 

The safe and secret place is a kind of neutral ground, so to speak, between your conscious and subconscious mind. It’s a place where the will of the conscious mind and the power of the subconscious mind can meet and hobnob. During those meetings it is possible to work on bringing the two into alignment, or harmony, and that leads to insight.

The safe and secret place can also be a meeting place for you to consult with anyone about anything you wish. These consultants can be real or imaginary people from the past or present, friends, family members, animals, notable historical figures, authors, musicians, actors, scientists, doctors, and the like, that you invite to your safe and secret place. 

It is also where you give direction to your subconscious, where you ask questions of and receive answers from your subconscious mind. It is a place to gain access to the storehouse of all things that are you, and where you may influence your biological, chemical and electrical physical systems. 

The safe and secret place is also a place of rejuvenation and renewal. Go to your safe and secret place when you need to take a mini mental vacation, a respite from the activities of the day, or just to recharge your batteries. The best peace and tranquility can be found there. 

You can be anything, do anything in your safe and secret place. You can try out new roles in life, act in ways in which you never could in real life, rehearse for future performances, and transcend physical limitations of any sort. There are no limits or restrictions on you or on what you do or on what you can accomplish in your safe and secret place. You have total freedom and control to be and do anything. 

Creating Your Safe and Secret Place 

When you first create your safe and secret place you must do so with a direct suggestion that no one or thing can come to your safe and secret place without your special invitation or permission, and that they must leave immediately when you dismiss them. Always follow the procedure of inviting or permitting and then dismissing.  

  1. Think of any place for which you have only warm pleasant feelings. (If you cannot come up with ideas for your safe and secret place, then think about what features it needs to have so that you could feel safe and secure there. Then create it using those features.)
  2. Write down a few attributes of that safe, pleasant place, especially if it is an imaginary place. Include a few items or things you want to include in your safe and secret place. Remember you can make changes anytime that you wish.
  3. Go into self hypnosis.
  4. Give yourself the direct suggestion: I am now creating my safe and secret place. Only those which receive my special permission or my special invitation are permitted to enter my safe and secret place, and they leave immediately when I dismiss them.
  5. Begin creating your safe and secret environment and be sure to feel all the good feelings you want to associate with your place, such as: calmness, tranquility, peacefulness, relaxation, and etc.
  6. When you are finished give yourself the post-hypnotic suggestion: Whenever I think about my safe and secret place all the good feelings here return to me immediately.
  7. Conclude your session.

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