How to use imagery or visualization within your self-hypnotic exercise routines

In my previous post I explained how the repetitive body motion and repetitive sounds of exercise can have a self hypnotic effect, and how to incorporate rhythmical affirmations and suggestions into the exercise routine. Here is a way to incorporate imagery into self hypnotic exercise routines.

If it helps, and is safe for you to do so, then close your eyes as you do this. View yourself as if you are watching yourself on Youtube, or TV or on a movie screen. Start out by visualizing or imagining yourself performing the very same exercise that you are doing at the moment. Let your imagined self match the exercise motions, movement for movement, of your real self. Synchronize the movements of your imaginary self to your real self. After a few minutes have your imaginary self pause from exercising and then step over to an imaginary scale to weigh yourself. Make note of your weight while your real self continues to exercise. The first time you do this let the scale display your most recent weight. See that number, know that number. Then have your imaginary self go back to exercising while you repeat to yourself in a rhythmic fashion which parallels your motions, “I am slim and getting slimmer and slimmer (see note, below).” Allow some time to pass and then repeat the weighing-in procedure.  This time note that the scale displays a pound or two less than the previous weigh-in. See that number, know that number. Then see yourself as being physically slimmer than before—flatter belly, better fitting clothes, more physically fit, etc. See your imaginary self being happy about having shed some weight and repeat to yourself a number of times “I am slim and getting slimmer and slimmer”, again in a rhythmic way. Then send your imaginary self back to exercising again. Repeat this process—reducing your weight a few pounds at a time—for as many times as it takes to reach your weight goal. Once your imaginary self reaches your weight goal then begin repeating to yourself “I am slim and staying slim.” If there is time, then repeat this whole process a second time. If not, then just continue repeating “I am slim and staying slim” as you repeat weighing in at your goal weight until your exercise time is up. Or finish up your routine with some rhythmic affirmations for health.

When your real self reaches your weight goal—as you should by following this process—then you have entered the weight maintenance phase. To help maintain your weight:

Repeat the imaginary exercising and weighing in (this time noting that you are at your weight goal and that it is unchanging from weigh in to weigh in) and reinforce your success by saying “I am slim and staying slim” while seeing the many benefits of your efforts—properly fitting clothes, new wardrobe, trim appearance, toned muscles, etc., and expressing happy, confident, successful emotions.

Some important points to consider:

Imagine only small weight reductions each time you do your imaginary weigh-in. It makes the imagery more believable because in real life we all tend to lose weight in small increments under normal circumstances.

When you do a real self weigh-in and achieve an incremental weight reduction—no matter how much—then celebrate in a manner which echoes what your imaginary self did in your visualization: cheer, be happy, laugh, dance or strut around the room, etc. This real life experience reinforces the imagery.

Note: Thanks to Dr. Anthony DeMarco LL.B, Ph.D of the Academy of Professional Hypnosis for suggesting this affirmation while leading a class discussion about creating effective affirmations.

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