Cultivating Your Inner Guide

Each of us has within us an inner guide, a higher self, an inner part which acts as the chief executive officer presiding over all the other internal parts of our personality. That higher self, your inner guide, is accessible through self-hypnosis and you can direct your inner guide to orchestrate the changes you wish to make. But first you have to create a relationship with your inner guide through self-hypnosis. 

You must meet and get to know your inner guide. It can present itself to you in many forms. Here are just some that I have been told about by my students: a person of the same or different sex as the student, a being, a golden light, an animal, an indistinct shape or figure, or just a feeling or knowing that the inner guide present. But in all cases it is a wise and loving presence immediately recognizable as a force of good and wisdom. 

To meet your inner guide during self-hypnosis, go to your safe and secret place. Because your safe and secret place can be anywhere and contain anything that you want, perhaps there is a special place that you want to create just for meeting your inner guide. While in that place invite your inner guide to join you. As you begin to get an impression that your guide is approaching. Determine the form your guide has taken. Is it male, female, or some other manifestation? Perhaps you don't perceive the form clearly. That's okay. 

If your guide appears as a person you know, be sure it is someone you feel comfortable with, otherwise politely ask that form to leave. Or if your inner guide comes to you in the form of a person that you are uncomfortable with, or is harsh or critical, then thank that form for appearing and politely ask it to leave. Then ask for a supportive, loving and encouraging guide to present itself; one that is more pleasant and easy to relate to. Accept nothing less, you deserve the very best to guide you throughout life. 

Once you are satisfied with the guide which has presented itself, then it's time to begin developing a relationship with your guide. Ask your guide if it has a name, if it does, then use that name throughout your sessions and to invite your guide back in subsequent sessions. 

Your inner guide is a part of you. Always be polite, loving and grateful for your interactions. Take time to thank your inner guide and to let it know that you will be calling upon it regularly for advice and guidance. And that you value its counsel. 

Here are some things to ask as you begin your relationship with your inner guide: 

  • What is your name? (Accept whatever is offered. You may be surprised by the choice, and that may change over time) 
  • Do you have anything to communicate with me right now? (Perhaps there will be an immediate answer, perhaps not. Do not be discouraged, be patient with your inner guide. In the beginning your inner guide is not used to such conversation, but it will like it. Answers sometimes pop into your mind at a later time or place.) 
  • "What is my purpose?" 
  • "How can I _______?" 
  • "How do I know if _________?" 
  • "What would it take for me to be perfectly happy?" 
  • "Throughout my life where and when was I the happiest and with whom, and doing what?" 
  • "What were some of the creative activities that I enjoyed doing during my childhood? Tell me about those that have been missing from my life since that time." 
  • "Is there something that must change in my life right now? What would that change be?" 
  • "Tell me the one thing that must change in my life that would bring all other things into perfect  alignment." 

The reply may come to you as entire sentences, single words, feelings, images or some other kind of sign. You may find your attention drawn in particular ways at certain times. It may take a while for you to sort out the ways which your inner self communicates but once you do it is unmistakable. The reply may not come during your self-hypnosis session, and that's okay. Be patient and an answer will emerge---sometimes when and where you least expect it. 

When you have finished your visit with your inner guide. Thank it for spending time with you and let it know you will be communicating with it in the future. Then politely and lovingly dismiss it from your safe and secret place until you call for it again.

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