Be careful what you wish for

Self-hypnosis gives you direct access to your inner dynamo, your motor, the very locomotion of your life—your subconscious mind, which works relentlessly to provide anything that you desire. Be careful what you wish for.

In his book “Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis” C. Roy Hunter recounts a personal experience which perfectly illustrates how the subconscious mind using its own form of logic will manipulate circumstances to achieve the desired outcome in unexpected and undesirable ways. He used an autosuggestion of the form “I will be out of debt by XX/XX (month and year).” It seems that the chosen date may have been somewhat arbitrary. But his subconscious mind worked dutifully to reach that goal. Unfortunately circumstances outside of his control made the goal unattainable. Mr. Hunter’s subconscious led him to bankruptcy by that date, which achieved the stated goal, but was not what he had in mind.

There are three lessons to be learned from Mr. Hunter’s experience. The first is if your autosuggestion must contain a date then chose a time frame rather than a hard, definitive date in your autosuggestions. The second is to be specific about the outcome. In part, he suggests using “My increasing money supply replaces my debts.” Lastly, always to monitor your progress to be sure that your autosuggestions are taking you where you want to go and be prepared to make midcourse corrections to pull things back into line. Never leave your subconscious unattended.

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