A self-hypnosis script for improving sight reading of music

The following script has been adapted from one which I wrote for a hypnosis session. It is presented in a verbal form but is meant to be re-interpreted by you as visual imagery during your personal self-hypnosis session. You learned how to do that in my Mastering the Art of Self Hypnosis course.

If you wish to use this as a recording for playback during your personal self-hypnosis session, then be sure to make the appropriate changes to personal pronouns “I”, “my” making them “you”,  “your”, etc.

Note that this script makes use of the “that-was-then-this-is-now” concept for suggestion.

I learned to read words when I was a child and now I can read words everywhere they appear: like in books, signs, magazines, newspapers, billboards, or even television. I can read words effortlessly because reading is a learned subconscious skill that is always ready for my use anytime I want it. My subconscious mind has already formed pathways that make reading words easy and natural to me. Just seeing characters, words and symbols on the page makes the sounds of the words and their meaning come to mind instantly. It occurs to me that those same mental pathways that allow me to read and understand words on a page so easily also work to help me to understand and hear musical notation on sheet music just as easily.

My eyes scan the music lines precisely and accurately and take in all the musical symbols and notation on the page. Every day that I use my music reading skills they improve more and more and I find that I read a little ahead of my playing to see what the next notes will be, to be ready to play them at the proper time, and keep the music flowing, and maintain the pulse of the music, and maintain perfect time.

There may be moments when the music is more advanced than my playing skills. During those moments I remain calm and relaxed and maintain perfect tempo and rhythm by seamlessly leaving out the difficult notes or phrases. Later, when the time is right, I return to those passages to learn how to play them correctly.

Reading ahead while playing is like seeing into the future so that my mind is always prepared to play the next notes when the time comes.

Script for Improved Sight Reading of Music © Copyright 2013 John Kalinowski

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