2021 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention Presentation

The 2021 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention is all virtual this year.

I will be presenting my Course #31023 Add Quality Years to Your Longevity with Self-Hypnosis on Sunday, August 15 at 2pm.

Up to 75% of longevity may be due to non-genetic factors. We develop negative perceptions of aging early in life. As we age those perceptions may become transformed into longevity-harming inner self-perceptions. Yale University studies have identified 9 self-perceptions which may contribute up to 7 years toward longevity. Undo negative perceptions before they become longevity-harming self-perceptions later in life, reinforce positive perceptions, protect against the negative perceptions of others. Add quality years to your life!

After the presentation I will be live to answer questions.

Here's a short introductory video:


More info can be found at the NGH website here:



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