2021 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention Presentation 

The 2021 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention is all virtual this year.

I will be presenting my Course #31023 Add Quality Years to Your Longevity with Self-Hypnosis on Sunday, August 15 at 2pm.

Up to 75% of longevity may be due to non-genetic factors. We develop negative perceptions of aging early in life. As we age those perceptions may become transformed into longevity-harming inner self-perceptions. Yale University studies have identified 9 self-perceptions which may contribute up to 7 years toward…

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Corona Virus Update 

Like everyone I am monitoring the COVID-19 situation to make sure I'm doing the right thing for the health and safety of my clients, as well as myself.

Until further notice:

  • All group presentations and classes are cancelled. I will contact you to reschedule once this crisis is over.
  • Virtual (Skype, Zoom, phone) sessions are only for existing clients who have been taught and demonstrated competence in the self-hypnosis protocol for remote sessions. There are no exceptions.

I remain committed to you…

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Cultivating Your Inner Guide 

Each of us has within us an inner guide, a higher self, an inner part which acts as the chief executive officer presiding over all the other internal parts of our personality. That higher self, your inner guide, is accessible through self-hypnosis and you can direct your inner guide to orchestrate the changes you wish to make. But first you have to create a relationship with your inner guide through self-hypnosis. 

You must meet and get to know your inner guide. It can present itself to you in many forms.…

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How to use imagery or visualization within your self-hypnotic exercise routines 

In my previous post I explained how the repetitive body motion and repetitive sounds of exercise can have a self hypnotic effect, and how to incorporate rhythmical affirmations and suggestions into the exercise routine. Here is a way to incorporate imagery into self hypnotic exercise routines.

If it helps, and is safe for you to do so, then close your eyes as you do this. View yourself as if you are watching yourself on Youtube, or TV or on a movie screen. Start out by visualizing or imagining yourself

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No, really, it’s the autosuggestion working 

When a novice fails to recognize that their self-hypnosis autosuggestions are working, he or she can fall into a trap of believing that early success is a result of conscious effort, or will power, rather than self-hypnosis. This may lead the person to abandon self-hypnosis just when it starts working. Then backsliding starts.

Whenever a self-hypnosis programmed behavior emerges there is no angelic hallelujah chorus heralding its arrival.  It is more subtle than that and it happens just as natural as can…

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Bedtime Autosuggestion 

We all have heard stories or perhaps had personal experiences of the effects of bedtime autosuggestion--even though you may not had a name for it before this very moment. The story goes like this. An unresolved nagging problem occupies the mind in the moments before going to sleep at the end of the day. Sometime during the night or upon waking in the morning the solution presents itself with sudden clarity and correctness.

There is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that while you sleep the mind continues…

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Hypnosis for Performing and Visual Artists 

Fears, nagging inner criticism, and creative blocks are familiar to passionate performing and visual artists. The stress caused by any of these factors can be so debilitating for some that it ruins their live performance or prevents them from starting or even finishing projects. Some seek guidance from self-improvement books to help them out of their dilemma. Musicians might turn to The Musician’s Way by Gerald Klickstein, artists to The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, or others may look to Eric Maisel’s…

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Hypnotic Menthol Lozenge 

I am just getting over a cold, which caught me unprepared, and which left me with lingering nasal congestion and an irritating cough.

By the contents of my bathroom medicine cabinet you might conclude that I am normally healthy, yet perhaps accident prone. Adhesive bandage strips, mercurochrome, ibuprofen and anti-bacterial ointment are the only medical supplies stocked—none of which are much help for the ailments of the common cold. I did find there an opened bag of menthol lozenges. That is the good news.…

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Finding Misplaced Things 2 

You may remember from my earlier posts that part of the subconscious mind mission statement is to preserve and protect. The subconscious mind does not give up this mission just because we are in self-hypnosis or using ideomotor response techniques for self-discovery. It can take some real work and persistence to get to the answers that you are seeking. The same holds true when searching for misplaced objects. The subconscious mind knows where the object of interest is, but it may be resistant or perhaps…

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Finding Misplaced Things 

Self-hypnosis can be used to help locate misplaced objects. These are things which we personally put somewhere perhaps in a moment of absent mindedness or perhaps with the intention of coming back later to retrieve the item but instead the location was forgotten.

Self-hypnosis cannot help you to locate lost objects; those things that left your possession by accident without your direct involvement or due to other external influences such as theft. However, it could help you to remember the last place you…

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