Affirmations for improving sight reading of music

Affirmations are a part of my Trivantage method for successful self-hypnosis. They serve to reinforce ideas that were presented during self-hypnosis or, as a waking suggestion, to repeatedly reintroduce your subconscious mind to the concepts and ideas that you want it to accept, embrace and make into daily habits. Remember, repetition…repetition…repetition is a powerful means to bring about the change and improvements you desire. As a musician you already know that.

 Of course affirmations may be said as bedtime autosuggestions as well, which is another component of my Trivantage method.

Please know that these affirmations will not help you to further develop skills which you may not yet have. It is assumed that you have skill in the following areas: knowledge of your instrument and ability to read and understand common musical notation.

The best way to approach sight reading exercises is to:

Preview the music first for key changes, flow control, technical difficulty, melodic shape and rhythm.

Always choose to sight read music that matches your playing level, or is just slightly above your playing level.

Always sight read at a tempo that allows successful technical execution of the most demanding passages.

Here are six affirmations that are designed convey the essence of the sight reading experience.

My eyes and mind are always ahead of my hands.

I maintain tempo and rhythm even if it means omitting some notes.

I recognize common rhythm patterns and repeating patterns.

I let go of mistakes, always moving onward while keeping the rhythm going.

I hear the rhythm and pitches of the melody in my head before playing it.

I feel the pulse of the music.


Click here for a copy of the affirmations that you can print out and carry with you.


January 07, 2014 @08:28 pm
Hi, Gabriel--- I am sorry to hear about your cruise ship experience. Yet it has provided you valuable feedback about your performance, made you stronger, and the lessons you learned from the experience can be useful tools for improving your performance. For my January blog I’m posting a section from my class workbook describing affirmations that you may find helpful. This will give you a basic understanding of the affirmation process and of how to make your own affirmations. You’ve already seen some examples in this post. If you need more examples, just let me know. The champion boxer Muhammed Ali once said: “It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen." His statement sums up the whole affirmation process perfectly. Expect no less and no more than that from affirmations. With regard to sight reading music, Gerald Klickstein in his book “The Musician’s Way” offers these six sight reading skills. 1. Scan the music before playing, observing flow, tempo, key changes. 2. Keep the tempo with your inner metronome. 3. Be looking ahead of where you are playing. 4. Keep going, maintain the musical pulse/rhythm. 5. Express the music, even if it is just with simple line dynamics. 6. Release physical and emotional tension. Perhaps one of these six items resonates with you. Identify the change you wish to make, the direction you want to take. Choose something easy and uncomplicated to start. Then compose a few affirmations for yourself. Do they feel natural and within the realm of possibility? If so, repeat them to yourself often throughout the day, upon rising in the morning and before sleep. Write them out numerous times. Turn them into a little song or jingle, or a catchy ostinato that you sing to yourself. As you gain experience with affirmations you will begin to notice what does and doesn’t work for you. Affirmations can have subtle to very profound effects, and very often the change which we seek comes to us from unexpected directions, in unexpected ways. Affirmations work on their own timeframe, cannot be rushed or put on a time schedule. John
January 06, 2014 @10:30 pm
Hi John, in my desperate search to get over this problem, I found your page like a complementary resource in my daily practice (ABRSM books, hymns, Ear Master rhythm reading, Iphone sight-reading app, Mikrokosmos by Bela Bartok, etc.). I'm willing to try everything I have to improve my sight reading skills on piano, since I got fired in a cruise ship where I couldn't handle the pressure of playing a lot of music that I never heard before in my life. I wanna try it an audition on March, do you think that I can be ready then? How can I use properly the affirmations? I'll appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance. Gabriel

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